The Radarcape

You want to observe the surrounding air traffic?

Without content filtering and in real time?

You are looking for an easy all-in-one solution?

The Radarcape is a passive ADS-B receiver which can be used to observe aircraft (radarspotting) inside the reception range.
It contains a Linux computer (BeagleBone board, ARM CPU) with a network interface.
So, you can connect the Radarcape directly to your (home-) network.
There is an USB port at front side where you can connect external devices (e.g., USB sticks, WiFi wireless adapter, etc.)

The Radarcape is being delivered with pre-installed software. Over the user-friendly Web interface you can configure the Radarcape by yourself and operate easily.


  • Quick installation: just connect and start observing aircraft
  • No additional drivers required
  • 2D map using simply a Web browser via integrated Web server
  • 3D map visualisation via Google Earth
  • All hardware in one box
  • Best performant receiver in its class


  • Open for 3rd party add-ons
  • Raw data access for extended analysis
  • Highly accurate GPS timestaps appropriate for multilateration
  • Standalone device allows data access without an additional PC
  • Simultaneous access to all features from multiple clients
  • Flightradar24 feeding option included