We merged the two Web-shops modesbeast.com and jetvision.de to offer you the full range of ADS-B and Mode-S receivers plus accessories.

Available here:

Both, the Radarcape and the Mode-S Beast are available via jetvision.de.

NEW: Mode-S Beast assembly service for customers without soldering skills.


  • Reflections or other propagation effects may degrade reception quite heavily.
  • Operating with Bluetooth will degrade the reception range and frame rate.
  • These units are not specified for any use of navigation within air traffic, and if ever used as such, it is for informational purposes but does not provide reliable data for navigating in air space.
  • According to Directive 1999/5/EC on Radio and Telecommunications Terminal, Annex I, the Mode-S Beast Kit is a "Kit to be assembled by radio amateurs".